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With Love From Rose

With love from my mother Rose, I was raised to help others. I truly believe in the gift of giving. There is no greater joy than helping humanity. The people of Haiti have been suffering for years. I applaud your support and generosity in standing firm with the Rose Foundation.  Our mission is to better the lives of the people of Haiti through projects that empower individuals to seek out and achieve sustainable improvements in their daily lives through Education, Health Advocacy and Awareness.

May you be blessed this new year with peace, love, good health and joy.

                God Bless you,

Pierre Romain, Founder and President





















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The Rose Foundation of  Haiti is a Non-Profit Organization named after my mother, Rose Anne Marie Romain, who currently resides in Haiti. She has given to others in her country her entire life.  This is her story.

Rose Anne Marie Romain was born on February 16, 1924 in  Cape Haiti.  She was the oldest of two daughters. She was raised by a single mother, Norvilia Nord Charles. At age 12, the family moved to Port- Au- Prince for a better life.


She was raised in a small house in the capital city. Her mother worked as the head pastry chef in the famous Boulanger Saint Marc Bakery in Port Au Prince for 40 years. While her mother worked, she cared for her younger sister Anna. As a young adult, she enjoyed helping others. Nurturing others defined her personality.


She married at the age of 25. She had 8 children. She worked with the department of public works for 30 years on a salary of $150 a month. Her belief in education combined with her deep faith taught her children the values of integrity, respect and a high work ethic. It was these characteristic traits that drove her to help others. While raising 8 children, she would still find money to help others who were more in need than herself. With or without money, she tapped into resources to provide specific needs for others. Whether it be medication needs, housing assistance, the warmth of a sweater or the comfort of a meal.  Each time she provided, it was never thought of as too big or too small. The constant act of giving was present daily in her household for her children to witness.  She is dedicated to God and preached the word of the Lord with each act of kindness.