Catherine Flon School

    • Founder Pierre Romain and Vice President Laura Morris with the Director at Catherine Flon School and the new generator R.O.S.E. Foundation purchased.


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Catherine Flon school

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is a Pre-school through 12th grade with over 4,000 students in Carrefour, Haiti. The school was once a complex of multi-story buildings that served thousands of students each day. Since the January 2010 earthquake, it is mostly tents made of two-by-fours and plastic tarps placed wherever there is space, including on top of the former school’s foundation. The Director of the school, Mr. St. Fort, has taken in students even if they cannot pay the tuition. The Rose Foundation purchased a much needed generator for the school, provided funding for new desks, tuition buyessay reliable assistance and school supplies. The Rose Foundation will continue the relief effort to help rebuild the Catherine Flon school.