(HEART) Ecole Mixte de Aigles

Haiti Education And Resource Team (HEART) Ecole Mixte de Aigles

The Rose Foundation has partnered with HEART which operates a school located in Sibert, a commune of Mergers in the Croix de Bouquets area of Haiti. The HEART school is run by Shadrach St. Louis “Shad” who grew up in Sibert and moved to the US when he was 11 years old. Shad opened the school in 2010 following the earthquake. He and his team converted shipping containers into classrooms for grades Pre-school through fourth grade. The Rose Foundation has helped HEART by providing funding to repair the roof which was leaking and ruining the walls and floors of the converted classrooms. The Rose Foundation will continue to partner with HEART school and most recently donated computer tablets made by a Haitian company called Surtab. These tablets will be used by the teachers and students to help with teaching and learning through an online library.

With our help, the HEART school was able to construct a community building which opened it's doors in March 2016. This new building is now available to the entire community for events and functions in addition to the school's use of the building.