Hurricane Matthew Devastates Haiti – Please Help

Once again, the long suffering people of Haiti urgently need your help. Hurricane Matthew slammed into the Southwestern side of the country October 4th with sustained winds of 145 mph ripping the country apart and destroying the progress made after the deadly and devastating earthquake of 2010.

Some 1.4 million people are in need of assistance - 750,000 have critical food, water, medical and/or housing needs.  More than 1,000 are dead and another 61,000 have been displaced.  Over 2,000 children were evacuated from residential centers. Over 300 schools have been damaged, affecting an estimated 100,000 children.

 Will you help ease the anguish and heartache?

Accessing safe drinking water and proper sanitation facilities are major challenges. Cholera is already starting to spread. In 2010, a slow response resulted in more than 10,000 additional people dying who otherwise survived the earthquake. The heavy rains creates a very high risk of cholera propagation, in addition to many other waterborne diseases that could affect thousands of already vulnerable families and children.

 Will you let your heart speak and let the beautiful people of Haiti hear and feel the generosity of America once again?

The poverty level of Haitians in this area reaches 70% and Hurricane Matthew has now made the humanitarian crisis worse at a time when the country is already facing an increase in the number of cholera cases; and severe food insecurity and growing malnutrition.

According to initial assessments:

  • Winds caused significant damage to well-built framed homes removing roofs, snapping and uprooting trees.
  • Makeshift housing was completely destroyed.
  • The town of Jérémie (population 42,000) was very severely damaged and telecommunications were entirely disrupted across the western tip of Haiti.
  • Extreme rainfall, more than 8 inches in less than 24 hours, occurred more to the east with almost 2 million people have been exposed to extreme precipitation.
  • The risk of cholera and other waterborne diseases is multiplying by the day.
  • In this area, the main livelihoods are small-scale farming and gardening, fishery and charcoal production.  Initial areal footage indicates that agricultural and fishery assets have suffered massive damage. 
  • 80% of the harvest was lost.

 You can make a difference. You can save a life. You can help a family. Will you?

The mission of the ROSE Foundation of Haiti is to better the lives of the people of Haiti through projects that empower individuals to seek out and achieve sustainable improvements in their daily lives through Education, Health Advocacy, Health Services and Awareness.